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Being part of Colliers International, Colliers Jardine is known to be one of the well-known providers of property services in the Asia-Pacific region. Colliers Jardine was formed in 1989 and is jointly owned by the Jardine’s Matheson Group (one of Asia’s leading conglomerates) and Colliers Macaulay Nicolls Group of Companies (Colliers International). The company provides quality real estate advices worldwide through their line of local market experts in different countries that are connected to their website. The technology that the online community provides is of big help to the company from their advertising, marketing and even up to customer inquiries as well.

In Australia real estate is particularly dominated by large groups of agents and known companies. Most property buyers and even sellers as well rely on real estate agents to assist them with all their property transactions. These agents advertise the said properties either for sale or for rent through different forms of media. Advertisements may be done through print like classified advertising and also the major source of inquiry which is the internet. With this, Colliers is able to provide their clients with the best possible real estate solutions through their ability to reach a huge global market. The company was one of the first commercial real estate firms to recognize the value of local knowledge on a global range which then set them off to provide superior service in multiple locations. The goal to develop and support experts as well as the expertise their global market require is the main viewpoint of the company. They provide quality service in every major market in the world from local to international real estate inquiries and management, hotel investment sales and consulting, corporate services, valuation and appraisal and even up to quality research.

Of course finance is something that goes hand in hand with property and before considering any chattel mortgage (see www.fincar.com.au for more info)or other loan it makes sense to consider getting a formal credit report first.  More info on Chattel Mortgages on wikipedia


Chattel mortgage, sometimes abbreviated CM, is the legal term for a type of loan contract used in some states with legal systems derived from English law.

Under a typical chattel mortgage, the purchaser borrows funds for the purchase of movable personal property (the chattel) from the lender. The lender then secures the loan with a mortgage over the chattel. Legal ownership of the chattel is transferred to the purchaser at the time of purchase, and the mortgage is removed once the loan has been repaid.

Chattel mortgages may have more particular characteristics in different jurisdictions

 Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chattel_mortgage 

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''Property''' designates those things that are commonly recognized as the entities that a person or group has exclusive rights in respect of. Important types of property include realty or real property (land), personal property (other physical possessions), and intellectual property (rights over artistic creations, inventions, etc.
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